Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 5; Dec 4

Last day of vacation. Sucks. But I cleaned up my apartment and now it looks like a home. I forget but Sunday was uneventful. Lunch was at a cheap Texmex but I landed at the coffee place. It was cool. I took my coffee and sat at the center of a couch in the center of 4 young hot chicks. All on computers. I fid alpha thing by taking a lot of space and moinf the couch to make myself comfortable Awesome stuff One on my right extended her legs with expensive shoes and KICKed me! It can't be accident. This never happens in real life. I had awkward EC with her. I knew she was into me. She wasn't super hot but she looked smart and I feel bad not talking to her. Again need strong intro.

Dinner was fun at Tiam. Hot married chick was eyeing me the whole timing. Awkward. After she left, bunch of guys with ONE super hot chick were scoping the place. The chick was scoping me out. Weird. I interacted by offering space. It was perfect alpha shit. She liked me but too many guys. When I left she gave me EC and sat on my chair. Kindda symbolic.

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