Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 7; Dec 6

Long work day. At work, flirted with a few chicks. I worked out at noon which was smart. I have got a super tall new neighbor I don't know. I chatted with another neighbor and that could be the lead. I also chatted with a coworker on way to subway which was okay.

Dinner at lick chops was cool. Two geeky girls next to me kept looking at me every-time I looked at them. Rookies:). I wish I had chatted with them. Then crew of three chicks came in. One hot and another athletic. I paid a lot of attention to hot chick at first. The Moved to athletic chick. She was the real deal. Also she was a rookie. Wish I had a way to start conversation. Interestingly I am pretty sure I made the first chick HB made jealous. I didn't care. I liked the second chick. They left but she gave me EC on way out.

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