Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 8; Dec 7

John M party crash! I did not have an invitation but I walked straight in through layers of security holding batch. Key was time criticality, confidence and projecting. Ignoring chick with the list worked well since age couldn't chase me.

Guitar class getting better. The uptight chick was full approval seeking mode. Once in elevator, I threw some charity attention at her and he immediately switched into hot chic mode so I quickly withdrew my charity. It worked fine. Torture for her though I bet.

Dinner at fancy place called mooncake food. Hot intelligent chick can and sat next to my table. She kept making different gestures. I don't know if it was concious attention seeking or not. Probably not.

Waitress was awesome. I asked funny question about name of the place. There were good ECs before but the opening failed.

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