Monday, February 6, 2012

Dec last straw

Day 11: Dec 10
Friday night on bleecker st. I went out around 10pm to eat. A lot of ECs. I parked at south Indian place. There was a hB with her family. At first all of them pretended to ignore me. After some time HB put on bitchy attitude to her family showing rebellious nature. Painful. Dad probably noticed chemistry between us. I had to defuse. I helped guy at th place get a bee out. Everyone was very appreciative. I won over the parents. Now HB was stuck between liking me and her parents liking me. System crash! She lost it and started Chatting random things to her family very loudly just to impress me, I am sure. I hunk she was nyu music student and I think she was giving me all these details by talking loud. On way back, I saw some young people having fun when a guy picked up a girl and ran. Very advanced stuff.
Other minor point. Lunch with officemates. I sat as the head of the table. New chick next to me kept twirling her hair, A LOT. Married but definitely very interested in me. Painful. Separately a super tall girl on my row finally broke down and gave ioi. I smiled at her and said something and she was almost grateful for my attention.

Day 12: Dec 11
Morning run was great. On way out, one neurotic neighbor smiled. I said hello and said I am taking stairs. She couldn't hide her disappointment! All hot chicks in a exercise class on the pier stole look at me. Nothing important as I wasn't dressed well. I bumped into my neighbor Andrew. Used 3sec rule which worked fine. I also introduced myself at last minute resulting in long chat.

After returning some stuff, I went to SPICE. Immediately I had strong EC with super hot chick. She kept it on. She was trapped. I didn't have a line of sight. But she got up and headed to restroom and passed me giving another EC. I bet the trip was solely for me. Another super got chick gave small ioi while being with her stud BF. kinda evil.


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