Saturday, May 19, 2007

RACE 10K@8:37pace in Free

After NOT running at all April 22nd, finally ran today. Also after NOT running in my newly bought Free's I ran the 10K in my Free's.

It was healthy Kidney 10K. An american broke CP record by 2seconds at 28:08. It goes without saying that weather could not have been better. I got up just in time to make it to startline only to find that I lost my chip on the way and had to pick a new chip. It was fun retracking the walk to race on my way back scanning streets for the bright yellow chip. Fortunately, the chip had come off before I had hit the road and I found it at home:)

I was seriously concerned if I could actually run the whole 10K in Free given all the hoopla on online literature on how its not recommended to run in Free long distances. before getting used to it. Good news is I finished it and finished it in pretty okay time too. In fact, lack of support also meant lack of resistance and I felt like a runaway train on down slopes...just couldnt stop. Legs are hurting now and hurting differently than ususal. Let hope the damage is not too much. I will only find out tomorrow. But gotta admit, it was very enjoyable to run in these shoes.
Bad news that I started to get blisters though 5th mile. Fortunately, the race wasnt too long as the blister would have gotten much worse. Blisters are going to be a problem. Perhaps I should start wearing socks.

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