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Monday, February 6, 2012

5th Super bawl...6th Pop burger

Superbowl at M1-5 and village tavern. M1-5 seems fun place but kinda off the track. Mostly dance type...not sport like. VT had more college town feel. Great place to watch football.

Pop burger...Cool place but deserted. Lounge seemed cool but was empty. Good place to go on weekend maybe.

Dec last straw

Day 11: Dec 10
Friday night on bleecker st. I went out around 10pm to eat. A lot of ECs. I parked at south Indian place. There was a hB with her family. At first all of them pretended to ignore me. After some time HB put on bitchy attitude to her family showing rebellious nature. Painful. Dad probably noticed chemistry between us. I had to defuse. I helped guy at th place get a bee out. Everyone was very appreciative. I won over the parents. Now HB was stuck between liking me and her parents liking me. System crash! She lost it and started Chatting random things to her family very loudly just to impress me, I am sure. I hunk she was nyu music student and I think she was giving me all these details by talking loud. On way back, I saw some young people having fun when a guy picked up a girl and ran. Very advanced stuff.
Other minor point. Lunch with officemates. I sat as the head of the table. New chick next to me kept twirling her hair, A LOT. Married but definitely very interested in me. Painful. Separately a super tall girl on my row finally broke down and gave ioi. I smiled at her and said something and she was almost grateful for my attention.

Day 12: Dec 11
Morning run was great. On way out, one neurotic neighbor smiled. I said hello and said I am taking stairs. She couldn't hide her disappointment! All hot chicks in a exercise class on the pier stole look at me. Nothing important as I wasn't dressed well. I bumped into my neighbor Andrew. Used 3sec rule which worked fine. I also introduced myself at last minute resulting in long chat.

After returning some stuff, I went to SPICE. Immediately I had strong EC with super hot chick. She kept it on. She was trapped. I didn't have a line of sight. But she got up and headed to restroom and passed me giving another EC. I bet the trip was solely for me. Another super got chick gave small ioi while being with her stud BF. kinda evil.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 8; Dec 7

John M party crash! I did not have an invitation but I walked straight in through layers of security holding batch. Key was time criticality, confidence and projecting. Ignoring chick with the list worked well since age couldn't chase me.

Guitar class getting better. The uptight chick was full approval seeking mode. Once in elevator, I threw some charity attention at her and he immediately switched into hot chic mode so I quickly withdrew my charity. It worked fine. Torture for her though I bet.

Dinner at fancy place called mooncake food. Hot intelligent chick can and sat next to my table. She kept making different gestures. I don't know if it was concious attention seeking or not. Probably not.

Waitress was awesome. I asked funny question about name of the place. There were good ECs before but the opening failed.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 7; Dec 6

Long work day. At work, flirted with a few chicks. I worked out at noon which was smart. I have got a super tall new neighbor I don't know. I chatted with another neighbor and that could be the lead. I also chatted with a coworker on way to subway which was okay.

Dinner at lick chops was cool. Two geeky girls next to me kept looking at me every-time I looked at them. Rookies:). I wish I had chatted with them. Then crew of three chicks came in. One hot and another athletic. I paid a lot of attention to hot chick at first. The Moved to athletic chick. She was the real deal. Also she was a rookie. Wish I had a way to start conversation. Interestingly I am pretty sure I made the first chick HB made jealous. I didn't care. I liked the second chick. They left but she gave me EC on way out.

Day 6; Dec 5

First work day. Alpha male shit was on. I made big deal about not taking tag from my jacket. Funny. Strong Ec chick at Kati roll.
Dinner was boring at The Legend. There were three foreign chick next I me but too many hurdles. I also had EC late in the game with uptight girl. She pretended to be uncaring but after 15 minutes she became super conscious of me. She had cool bracelet so I knew she wasn't above it all.

I had interesting chat with the waitress. She started the convo. She came back couple of times this alpha male hit works.

Day 5; Dec 4

Last day of vacation. Sucks. But I cleaned up my apartment and now it looks like a home. I forget but Sunday was uneventful. Lunch was at a cheap Texmex but I landed at the coffee place. It was cool. I took my coffee and sat at the center of a couch in the center of 4 young hot chicks. All on computers. I fid alpha thing by taking a lot of space and moinf the couch to make myself comfortable Awesome stuff One on my right extended her legs with expensive shoes and KICKed me! It can't be accident. This never happens in real life. I had awkward EC with her. I knew she was into me. She wasn't super hot but she looked smart and I feel bad not talking to her. Again need strong intro.

Dinner was fun at Tiam. Hot married chick was eyeing me the whole timing. Awkward. After she left, bunch of guys with ONE super hot chick were scoping the place. The chick was scoping me out. Weird. I interacted by offering space. It was perfect alpha shit. She liked me but too many guys. When I left she gave me EC and sat on my chair. Kindda symbolic.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

36 DB 5x5x(DL, HClean, PP, Sqt) 17:28@130/170

36 DB 5x5x(DL, HClean, PP, Sqt) 17:28@130/170
DB2x25lb were harder than I initially thought. Focus was on form. Secret I discovered in third round was to keep abs tight. It helped with clean and more importantly overhead positioning.

Skill:squat. Focus on hand over head, hamstring stretching and tracking knees over toes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

35 CL&J 85-85-85-85-95-95-95-95 2:00@110/135

35 CL&J 85-85-85-85-95-95-95-95 2:00@110/135
Not anywhere close to PR of 125. I focused on form but ot was pretty bad. I really did not squats for clean. Also I didn't keep core tight which was a problem.

Skills: practiced dou lenders. Trick is to jump higher without bending knees. Hard but possible.

34 3x(15chest2bar, 2x15sec ring L) +5C2B 15:00@126/151

Chest to Bar Pull-ups, Ring L Sit Holds
3.167 rounds
34 3x(15chest2bar, 2x15sec ring L) +5C2B 15:00@126/151 25sec was max I can stay on rngs
Average Power Output: ≈ 15.7 (ft*lbs)/sec
Work: ≈ 14,124 ft*lbs

Sunday, March 20, 2011

33 Wittman 7x15x(44lbKB, 45lbPClean, box) 27:53@155/178

33 Wittman 7x15x(44lbKB, 45lbPClean, box) 27:53@155/178
Classic Crossfit met con. Clean was a bit light but that helped with intensity. Form was okay. kB height was less than ideal but I focused on hip drive which helped. Same with clean where hip drive made dip unnecessary.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

32 5k sub8min

32 5K 24:35/7:48@184/198
Compare with 179 5K@9min/mi hudson river park! 28:29@173/191
WOD#113 5K@7:47min/mi in hot 80deg 24:17@189/196
Barefoot! Compare with wod#67 24:47@185/195 race

Steady 5k with negative split. 8min/8min/7:30min 175/184/191 finishing strong Wth sub7min pace. I wasn't hurting bad ut HR peaked at 198 so finish was near max. I also ran over a mile before and after as warmup/cool down. As planned form was focus. Of course running is easy since I am good at it and had five fingers on forcing a good form.

Biting the bullet

I have decided to take a step back. I am going to approach form more scientifically. This means tuning down the intensity a lot, doing research ahead of the wod and doing drills and subs if needed. It also means keeping gas in the tank for practice so I can practice different skill sets anytime besides one in wod. This will force me to get to the gym more often and not be Dying when i reach home. What I realized is that, i do about 3-4 woods and then get so sore that I can't continue and take Crossfit back up when I feel better. But this is high risk strategy not only for injury but also for constancy. When i try to stay with constancy, I just water down the wod so much that there is really no value added by doing that wod. I need something in between where, intensity is slow burning but continuous and my skills improve dramatically. I will give this a solid month through April 30 and I will see where it takes me.

Here is initial list of skills and drills :
Squat: knees out, hamstring stretch, hands above head, Asian squat
Rings: dips, hole and muscle up progressions
Handstand pushups
Plain pushups and pull ups
Overhead squat
Double under
Pistol: rolling
Ledesma. 6.0 rounds
31 Ladesma20min (5hspu, 10 knees2elbow, 25#DB clean) 6rounds I was too sore to do this hero workout with full energy. My arms were hurting and HSPU are hard to do with sore shoulders. I had foible getting in position first time but it got better. My vertical motion is basically nonexistent. Cleans were fun since I tried to keep form good with opening the hips and shrugg. So despite inspcreasing weight from 20# to 25#, weight wasn't the issue and cardio was main challenge.

Average Power Output: ≈ 25.4 (ft*lbs)/sec
Work: ≈ 30,505 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 43rd | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 151st
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

11 mins 41 secs (2 mins 2 secs)
30 Karen 150x10# "wall ball" 11:40@143/171 Compare with WOD#152 Karen 150 9:39@171/185 WOD#83 #15 7:27@173/184 Much slower than past. I did focus a bit more on form this time. But I must say, intensity was lacking. It was all about getting the form and consistency. I am having trouble staying back on heels in squats. But in all fairness, I am sore so I am not really regretting. In particular, right leg is tight in hamstrings and rotation....baby steps.
Average Power Output: 51.9 (ft*lbs)/sec (+44.7)
Work: 36,366 ft*lbs (+32,233)
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 166th | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 381st
Monday, March 14, 2011

100 Burpee Pull-ups
12 mins 47 secs (1 mins 46 secs)
29 100 Burpees 12:47@169/181 Rx called for pull up burpees but I scaled it down to plain burpees with added restriction that bottom of burpee is full flat on ground with full body weight on torso. I thought it is easy to cheat on pushups without this discipline. I had hard time beating my last attempt of 107 in 10min. I did 90 in 10minutes and took another 2:47min for another 17. I was dying by the time I reached 100 but decided to push to make it to 107, partly to make up for a few "broken" burpees I had done with bad form.
Avg. Heartrate for each set of 10s: 126-158-166-172-174-176-177-167-176-171-172
Weaknesses:pushups past 80, coordination to jump into squat positions when tired, unnecessary "water breaks"

Average Power Output: 56.7 (ft*lbs)/sec (+43.1)
Work: 43,494 ft*lbs (+31,657)
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 28th | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 45th
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

couple of good wods and rest just so so

Deadlift, Run
14 mins 58 secs
25 4xDL 135#7-6-5-4+400m row 14:58@147/184 Somehow DL got easier. My form sucks especially after rowing.
Average Power Output: ≈ 28.1 (ft*lbs)/sec
Work: ≈ 25,202 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 22nd | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 86th
Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snatch Balance 3-3-3-3-3
45 lbs, 40 lbs, 50 lbs, 40 lbs, and 50 lbs
23 snatch balance 5x3 1:36@123/137 Going through motions. Snatch is complicated.
Work: 3,836 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 6th | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 26th
Saturday, February 26, 2011

Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
45 lbs, 0 lbs, 0 lbs, 0 lbs, 0 lbs, 0 lbs, and 0 lbs
22 overhead sqt 1x7 1:46@119/138 Just going through motions. Form needs work.
Work: 1,313 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 22nd | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 92nd
Saturday, February 26, 2011

Box Jumps, Rope Climbs, Kettlebell Swings, Sit-ups, Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans, etc.
21 mins 28 secs
22 50box, 15pu, 50KB, 50sit, 30hpc?, 800m, 50 bkx 21:28@153/181 KB were brutal, running inside apt was pathetically funny.
Average Power Output: ≈ 37.0 (ft*lbs)/sec
Work: ≈ 47,713 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M): 18th | Site Rank (M): 109th
Saturday, February 26, 2011

(2 mins), (2 mins 8 secs), (1 min 49 secs), (2 mins 25 secs), (2 mins 20 secs), (2 mins 36 secs), (2 mins 19 secs), (2 mins 40 secs), (2 mins 40 secs), (2 mins 47 secs)
19 Holbrook 10x(5thruster/5PU/100m row)23:46@163/180 Intense! Subbed rowing for running. Scaled down but I don't think I took the 1min break. Walking between row machine and rack was about 30sec though.
Average Power Output: ≈ 20.3 (ft*lbs)/sec
Work: ≈ 28,969 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 40th | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 158th
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thrusters, Weighted Pull-ups
15 mins 8 secs
20 3x (45# thrusters, wt PU) 15:08@159/184 Weighted pus feel good. I think i chipped bathroom floor but I am proud of it. Collateral damage.
Average Power Output: 60.7 (ft*lbs)/sec
Work: 55,079 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 20th | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 57th
Monday, February 14, 2011

Clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3
45 lbs, 40 lbs, 50 lbs, 40 lbs, 50 lbs, 40 lbs, and 50 lbs
20 clean 3x7 45# Going through motions
Work: 9,729 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 32nd | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 73rd
Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aidan squat is a killer

18. 800m Run, Rest
15 mins
3x800m 7:20, 7:00,6:00 15:00@176/199 Trade mill runs at south park tower in 5fingers. It wasnt easy but I didn't really push in First two sets.
Average Power Output: ≈ 0.0 (ft*lbs)/sec
Work: ≈ 0 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M): 68th | Site Rank (M): 190th
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17. Muscle-ups, Air Squats
15 mins 4 secs (12 mins 30 secs)
3x(6muscleup, 75 squats) 15:04 Musclesups were at slightly elevated level than before. Squats were intentionally veeerrry deep. I am getting a lot of dons today. I have also been working with Asian squat. I am not happy that I cant do it.
Average Power Output: 64.3 (ft*lbs)/sec (+29.1)
Work: 58,109 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 62nd | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 158th
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16. Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
45 lbs, 45 lbs, 45 lbs, 45 lbs, 45 lbs, 45 lbs, and 45 lbs (-40 lbs | Not Rx'd)
Snatch 1x7. 45# snatch is comlifated so I focused on form
Work: 3,394 ft*lbs (+245)
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 40th | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 241st
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15. L Pull-ups, Pistols
10 mins
7to4 strict L-pull up 10to4 pistol Lpu was huge success. Strict form which i haven't done before. Pistol was compete disaster.
Average Power Output: ≈ 26.0 (ft*lbs)/sec
Work: ≈ 15,625 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 10th | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 38th
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14. Run, Burpees, Two Hand Dumbbell Bent Over Rows
16 mins 2 secs
5x(row 400m,10burpee,10x2x10 bent over row)
Average Power Output: ≈ 45.2 (ft*lbs)/sec
Work: ≈ 43,494 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 9th | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 13th
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13. CrossFit Total
425 lbs (-40 lbs)
Bksqt 135, SP 65, DL 225 6:06 136/158 DL ended horribly and killed my back. I also kindda blacked out despite the pain. This was truly dangerous.
Work: 1,118 ft*lbs (-80)
Gym Rank (M): 1134th | Site Rank (M): 3381st
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12. 3 Min. Rope Climb
3 reps, 3 reps, 3 reps, 3 reps, 3 reps
Towel rope climb 15:02@97/127 Lame!
Work: 0 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 14th | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 29th
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

#161 Elizabeth 45#clean/ring dip 6:06@136/158

#161 Elizabeth 45#clean/ring dip 21-15-9 6:06@136/158
Very light. Still hurting from 100pushups. Ring dips were 7-5-3 and were horrible form. Arms were hurting too much to do a deep dip.

WOD#165 Elizabeth 21-15-9 95#Clean/Dips 27:34@155/186
WOD#43 45#/jumping dips 6:32@166/188

Saturday, January 15, 2011

100 pushups and 100 GHDs

I skipped Wednesday and Thursday so I am behind by 1-2 days. I will try to catch up over the weekend.

#258 3x(6MuscleUp, 20WBall20#, 6Handstand, 15 PClean45#) 7:51@150/173
At home. Solid wod.

#259 1.25Km row/100Push (3.5 rnd) 15:00@158/182
Nice to do 100 pushups with no practice. It got tougher especially due to high heart rate on rowing sets but I broke each set of 25 into subset of 5. I tried to keep the pushup form good.

#260 5x(20GHD,5PushJ@45#) 6:56@112/132
This was easy enough. GHD are hard to do without GHD bench so it was awkward.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

#257 weighted PU 20#x7 2:44

#257 weighted PU 20#x7 2:44

#254 Fran 7:51 Rankel 3rnd wallclimb

#254 Fran 45# 7:51@173
Fast Fran sine I used 45# compared to 65# before. Fast Fran is whole different beast. Fun though.
Jan 05, 2011 7 mins 51 secs | Not Rx'd
Jan 09, 2010 13 mins 5 secs | Not Rx'd

#255 Rankel 20:00@145
3 rounds 135# DL 44#KB rowing instead of run. 6:15-6:48-6:57. DL were one at a rime in first round, 3-3 I'm second and all 6 in last

#256 wall climb, toe-bar, box 13:36@135
Wall climb was new. I did about 2ft on hands. It is difficult routine.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

#252 3 x 400m, 10OHSqt 45#, 21 PU 19:19 #253 FSqt 3-3-3-3-3 6:19

#252 3 x 400m, 10OHSqt 45#, 21 PU 19:19
Rx called for 30OH. OH is hard after 400m run. Killer. Loved the fact that every PU was set of 10 or 11 except one(8)

#253 FSqt 3-3-3-3-3 6:19
45-65-75-85-95 pick from floor

Saturday, January 1, 2011

#251 Jack 20:00@150bpm

#251 Jack 20:00@150bpm
7.0 rounds
First wod of 2011. 7rounds (45# pp, kb swing, box) jump x 10
Average Power Output: 34.7 (ft*lbs)/sec
Work: 41,582 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 53rd | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 175th

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

#213 3x(95#CleanJerkx15/3-GHD) 24:30@157/172

#213 3x(95#CleanJerkx15/30) 24:30@157/172
splits: 6:49/9:15/8:27
Wod started on shaky ground as my weak wrist had a bit of pain and I was concerned if I should be concerned but it miraculously was fine after first round and I didnt even notice. Clean and Jerk were single rep each (95# compared to one rep PR 125#) and were harder than I thought. My form wasnt the best and I didnt do the squat portion of clean, partly to make sure I do not strain my wrist. Good workout all in all.

#213 3x(95#CleanJerkx15/30) 24:30@157/172

Monday, March 1, 2010

#212 50 PU Burpee 14:33@169/190

#212 50 PU Burpee 14:33@169/190

Compare with #130 Nasty Girls 3 x (50Squats/7PUBurpee/10HPC@95#) 26:44@155/169

Classic wod. First half 6:20@166/180 and Second half 8:13@171/190. I had done 3x7 before but 50 is extreme. I cut myself by finger nail at 37th on thumb and decided to call it quits at 50 but it was definitely getting dicey to catch pull-up bar by then. I even missed the bar couple of times which was scary. I cannot imagine how gymnasts grab the bars on parallel bar jumps while twisting in mid air while I was having trouble grabbing bar jumping straight up. As usual, it is very hard to keep balance and accuracy once heart rate reaches anaerobic levels.

#212 50 PU Burpee 14:33@169/190

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fight gone bad DL squatreps

#209 xsquat/(60-x)PU/push/PU 6:05@162/186
Unusual wod with time bases reps. I did 39-40-42 squats and PU/push/PU for the rest. I did not realize the time min was 12min so I stopped at 6min as it was basically impossible to keep up with 60 totals.

#210 Fight Gone Bad 87+81+70=238 16:38@178/188

Compare with #106 (65#SDLHP/45#PP) 80+62+73=215 17:00@174/189
#100! Mini Fight Gone Bad (at Black Box) 11:07@171/184
#91 Fight Gone Bad (45#) score 209 17:04@162/177
#24 Fight Gone Bad approx 15 each (score 245 scaled)

Weight were a bit lower than #106 but the score was much higher at 238.

#211 DeadLift 5x3 (135-145-155-165-185) 8:52@133/153

All three wods were heavy on my thighs and I had pretty bad DOMS. Deadlifts were easy but my thighs were a bit tight.

#209 xsquat/(60-x)PU/push/PU 6:05@162/186
#210 Fight Gone Bad 16:38@178/188
#211 DeadLift 5x3 (135-145-155-165-185) 8:52@133/153

Saturday, February 20, 2010

#208 Handstand Mania 17:48@153/171

#208 Handstand Mania 17:48@153/171
3x(100m Bear Crawl/20sec Handstand/15ExtraElevPushup)
Handstand was hard to come by the first time. I realized that the trick is to have hands directly under body and have them couple of inches from wall to allow extra breathing space. Also, I havent figured this one out but I think my elbows were slightly bent. I did not completely straighten them to avoid too much stress on wrist. I am not sure if this is the correct form.

I subed hand walk with bearcrawl which was surprisingly tiring. It is very inefficient. Finally, pushups were elevated to hip level. 15 was somewhat hard but not that hard. I did not do more to keep some gas int the arms for handstand.

#208 Handstand Mania 17:48@153/171

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

#207 3x(50mLunge/100mBJump/200mRun) 13:59@166/189

#207 3x(50mLunge/100mBJump/200mRun) 13:59@166/189
New skill Broad Jump! I was surprised to see how far I could broad jump. Surprisingly palms started aching due to all the arm swinging and blood rushing to fingertips. Broadjumps are also very tiring when done back to back. 100m is about 35-40 Broadjumps which is handful. Lunges were easy but I started loosing balance due to high HR and tight leg muscles. It helps to use hand to balance.

#207 3x(50mLunge/100mBJump/200mRun) 13:59@166/189

Monday, February 8, 2010

#206 split-jerk 45-105 15:50@146/167

#206 split-jerk 45-105 15:50@146/167
Compare with 182 Split Jerk (45-115@incr 10#) 11:14@135/158
#170 (45-65-85-95-105-115-125) 11:08@106/150
and WOD#82 45#-65#-85#

Nowhere close to PR. I did the wod lifting bar from the floor which made is a bit tricky. Also I didn't push too much because of my right wrist. Could have gone more if I had known that I have higher PR.

#206 split-jerk 45-105 15:50@146/167

Saturday, February 6, 2010

#205 Fran@65# 13:05@162/181

#205 Fran@65# 13:05@162/181 (4:47/5:46/3:33)
Compare with
Fran@65# 12:35@174/188
#58 20:05 @ 149/185

I did not hit PR despite the scaled down 65# weight. It was exhausting, as usual. I did take it a bit easy since I was having trouble with my right wrist. It trick is to keep the thruster weight on heels of the palm and not strain the wrist at all. Other thing I discovered was that it helps to take a mini break overhead if thrusters get hard instead of dropping the bar.

#205 Fran@65# 13:05@162/181 (4:47/5:46/3:33)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

#204 HPC 45-65-75-85-85-105-115 10:51@123/160

#204 HPC 45-65-75-85-85-105-115 10:51@123/160

Compare with #187 45-55-65-75-85-95-105 18:14@129/163+6

#60 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 @65#

I did HPC instead of Power Clean as I didnt check wod spec properly. But #115 is still probably PR for HPC. Right wrist started hurting a bit since it was injured in snatch last week. But I think its fine. I wrapped it up awkwardly with a gym thingy for last rep.

#204 HPC 45-65-75-85-85-105-115 10:51@123/160

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

#203 5x(50wallball 15#/25PU) 49:14@158/183

#203 5x(50wallball 15#/25PU) 49:14@158/183
Compare #136 50/35/20 15#Wallball/Pullups 30:46@138/167

As usual, wallball had no throws but it is still very tiring workout. Its one of those workouts when suddenly in the middle of nth rep, bear jumps on the back:-) I did 50 reps in 3 subsets for each round. On the bright side, I hit a PU PR with 13 continous kipping PU. PU form was excellent for most of the sets. Thats why 5x25 PU were not very difficult. Somehow the very last 10 PUs suddenly became very hard to as my arms somehow jammed up with no pain. No injury but its always good to end a wod at breaking point.

#203 5x(50wallball 15#/25PU) 49:14@158/183

Monday, February 1, 2010

#202 5x(400m/25GHD/25HipExt) 26:41@167/186

#202 5x(400m/25GHD/25HipExt) 26:41@167/186
Compare #149 5 x (30 GHD/25 BkExt) 20:12@140/152 (no run)
Last three runs were in below freezing cold outside, which I didnt really mind since it was just for 400m. But what I really had a problem was with keeping straight form for the run after the GHD and HipExt. Its a weird combination for a wod. GHDs were okay but BackExt got progressively harder and painful.

#202 5x(400m/25GHD/25HipExt) 26:41@167/186

Sunday, January 31, 2010

#201 3x(12muscleup/75 AirSqt) 27:34@141/181

#201 3x(12muscleup/75 AirSqt) 27:34@141/181
Compare with #148 30 Baby Muscleups 17:05@129/144
#117 30 Baby MuscleUps 18:07@113/136
#47 60 PU/jumpDIP 22:15@132/158

Muscleups were scaled down as usual at should height while sitting on knees. Most of the muscle ups were honest without push from legs. But it wasnt easy at all. Also it was clear that left upper arm is significantly weaker for this particular motion and this imbalance causes problems getting body straight at top of the muscle up.

This wod has 6 more muscle ups than the other wods in comparisons. The wod also included 3x75 airsquats which is not easy either. But I was much better conditioned this time due to barbara/cindy wods and even did last set almost continuously. However, the elevated HR due to squats made muscleups less boring but more difficult.

#201 3x(12muscleup/75 AirSqt) 27:34@141/181

Monday, January 25, 2010

#200 Barbara! 67:44@158/184

#200 Barbara! Rx (incl 12min rest) 67:44@158/184

Compare with #144 57:57@145/175 (no rest/10rnds)
#74 29:54@147/167 half and
#45 27:36@136/166 half

Splits were as follows which includes the 3min break in first 4 sets. 10:02-10:26-14:00-17:12-16:04. This is my first Barbara as Rxed. #144 was close to Rx but was broken into 10 rounds instead of 5. PUs were surprisingly easy to get through. I did sets of 10-10-10-10-9 before moving down to 7/8s. Pushup were the sticky part of the wod. With 100+ pushups last two wods, I was hurting. Just like last time, it was hard to imagine finishing the wod quarter of the way in and 4th rounds was the stickiest. But it magically got easier for the last round. Next time if my pushups are in better shape, I will shoot for 1 hour target.

#200 Barbara! Rx (incl 12min rest) 67:44@158/184

Sunday, January 24, 2010

#199 Cindy! 11.4 60-115-165 20:00@169/187

#199 Cindy! 11.4 60-115-165 20:00@169/187
Compare with WOD#173 11.5x(5PU/10PSH/15Sqt) 20:26@166/180
WOD#103 half 6rnds+PUs10min@171/190,
WOD#53 10rnds 20:00@153/172,
WOD#17 Cindy 5rnd 20:00

This was my fifth Cindy wod! Progression has been 5-10-6!-11.5-11.4
Today was basically same as PR in #173 (short by 5 pushups but took 25 sec less). This was a hard PR after Angie even with the two day break. I was still feeling DOMS from Angie. But by the time I reached second round, DOMS was least of my problems. HR shot up as expected making everything harder. PU and squats were fine but pushup got somewhat difficult to complete. I manage to keep decent form for PU/Push/Sqt. So this was a Rxed PR.

#199 Cindy! 11.4 60-115-165 20:00@169/187

Thursday, January 21, 2010

#198 Angie Rx! 46:16@150/181

#198 Angie Rx! 46:16@150/181
Compare with WOD#157 Angie 90PU 15:36@156/180, WOD#20 Angie 50 pullups, 100 pushups/situps/squats 54:34min HR (131/158)

This is the first time I did Angie as Rxed. The timing was annoyingly slow, especially compared to 16min #157 (which included 38 burpee Push/Sqt). I started with 3x10 PU but then reverted to sets to mostly 7. Overall progression was 35/35/35/0-35/35/35/70-30/30/30/30. Pushups and PUs were the main challenge. PUs were fine but hint of blister made me slow down. I just wasted too much time in between sets. PUs took 28:30 of the 46minutes!

#198 Angie Rx! 46:16@150/181