Saturday, February 6, 2010

#205 Fran@65# 13:05@162/181

#205 Fran@65# 13:05@162/181 (4:47/5:46/3:33)
Compare with
Fran@65# 12:35@174/188
#58 20:05 @ 149/185

I did not hit PR despite the scaled down 65# weight. It was exhausting, as usual. I did take it a bit easy since I was having trouble with my right wrist. It trick is to keep the thruster weight on heels of the palm and not strain the wrist at all. Other thing I discovered was that it helps to take a mini break overhead if thrusters get hard instead of dropping the bar.

#205 Fran@65# 13:05@162/181 (4:47/5:46/3:33)

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