Sunday, January 31, 2010

#201 3x(12muscleup/75 AirSqt) 27:34@141/181

#201 3x(12muscleup/75 AirSqt) 27:34@141/181
Compare with #148 30 Baby Muscleups 17:05@129/144
#117 30 Baby MuscleUps 18:07@113/136
#47 60 PU/jumpDIP 22:15@132/158

Muscleups were scaled down as usual at should height while sitting on knees. Most of the muscle ups were honest without push from legs. But it wasnt easy at all. Also it was clear that left upper arm is significantly weaker for this particular motion and this imbalance causes problems getting body straight at top of the muscle up.

This wod has 6 more muscle ups than the other wods in comparisons. The wod also included 3x75 airsquats which is not easy either. But I was much better conditioned this time due to barbara/cindy wods and even did last set almost continuously. However, the elevated HR due to squats made muscleups less boring but more difficult.

#201 3x(12muscleup/75 AirSqt) 27:34@141/181

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