Monday, January 25, 2010

#200 Barbara! 67:44@158/184

#200 Barbara! Rx (incl 12min rest) 67:44@158/184

Compare with #144 57:57@145/175 (no rest/10rnds)
#74 29:54@147/167 half and
#45 27:36@136/166 half

Splits were as follows which includes the 3min break in first 4 sets. 10:02-10:26-14:00-17:12-16:04. This is my first Barbara as Rxed. #144 was close to Rx but was broken into 10 rounds instead of 5. PUs were surprisingly easy to get through. I did sets of 10-10-10-10-9 before moving down to 7/8s. Pushup were the sticky part of the wod. With 100+ pushups last two wods, I was hurting. Just like last time, it was hard to imagine finishing the wod quarter of the way in and 4th rounds was the stickiest. But it magically got easier for the last round. Next time if my pushups are in better shape, I will shoot for 1 hour target.

#200 Barbara! Rx (incl 12min rest) 67:44@158/184

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