Monday, January 18, 2010

5K row II 24:27@2:27 175/196

#197 5K row redux!@2:27 24:27@175/196
Compare with #189 2:31pace 25:10@174/196

I improved the time by more than half a minute as I paced myself better this time. Last minute must have been at 2:00 pace as I made a big push at end. It also helped to have the resistance at 8 this time. But lower back was hurting like hell. I did have a decent form so not sure what was wrong. Lower back must be a major issue with professional rowers. (Needs some research).

Couple of new tricks I learnt this time include letting legs to all the work for first half of the stroke by "hooking" arms straight. Also its perfectly okay to make a strong stroke and take a mini break on way back without loosing too much of the pace and power. This helps break the rhythm which comes handy for a long rowing wod like this.

#197 5K row@2:27 redux 24:27@175/196

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