Sunday, January 9, 2011

#254 Fran 7:51 Rankel 3rnd wallclimb

#254 Fran 45# 7:51@173
Fast Fran sine I used 45# compared to 65# before. Fast Fran is whole different beast. Fun though.
Jan 05, 2011 7 mins 51 secs | Not Rx'd
Jan 09, 2010 13 mins 5 secs | Not Rx'd

#255 Rankel 20:00@145
3 rounds 135# DL 44#KB rowing instead of run. 6:15-6:48-6:57. DL were one at a rime in first round, 3-3 I'm second and all 6 in last

#256 wall climb, toe-bar, box 13:36@135
Wall climb was new. I did about 2ft on hands. It is difficult routine.


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