Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ledesma. 6.0 rounds
31 Ladesma20min (5hspu, 10 knees2elbow, 25#DB clean) 6rounds I was too sore to do this hero workout with full energy. My arms were hurting and HSPU are hard to do with sore shoulders. I had foible getting in position first time but it got better. My vertical motion is basically nonexistent. Cleans were fun since I tried to keep form good with opening the hips and shrugg. So despite inspcreasing weight from 20# to 25#, weight wasn't the issue and cardio was main challenge.

Average Power Output: ≈ 25.4 (ft*lbs)/sec
Work: ≈ 30,505 ft*lbs
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 43rd | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 151st
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

11 mins 41 secs (2 mins 2 secs)
30 Karen 150x10# "wall ball" 11:40@143/171 Compare with WOD#152 Karen 150 9:39@171/185 WOD#83 #15 7:27@173/184 Much slower than past. I did focus a bit more on form this time. But I must say, intensity was lacking. It was all about getting the form and consistency. I am having trouble staying back on heels in squats. But in all fairness, I am sore so I am not really regretting. In particular, right leg is tight in hamstrings and steps.
Average Power Output: 51.9 (ft*lbs)/sec (+44.7)
Work: 36,366 ft*lbs (+32,233)
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 166th | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 381st
Monday, March 14, 2011

100 Burpee Pull-ups
12 mins 47 secs (1 mins 46 secs)
29 100 Burpees 12:47@169/181 Rx called for pull up burpees but I scaled it down to plain burpees with added restriction that bottom of burpee is full flat on ground with full body weight on torso. I thought it is easy to cheat on pushups without this discipline. I had hard time beating my last attempt of 107 in 10min. I did 90 in 10minutes and took another 2:47min for another 17. I was dying by the time I reached 100 but decided to push to make it to 107, partly to make up for a few "broken" burpees I had done with bad form.
Avg. Heartrate for each set of 10s: 126-158-166-172-174-176-177-167-176-171-172
Weaknesses:pushups past 80, coordination to jump into squat positions when tired, unnecessary "water breaks"

Average Power Output: 56.7 (ft*lbs)/sec (+43.1)
Work: 43,494 ft*lbs (+31,657)
Gym Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 28th | Site Rank (M | Not Rx'd): 45th
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