Thursday, March 17, 2011

32 5k sub8min

32 5K 24:35/7:48@184/198
Compare with 179 5K@9min/mi hudson river park! 28:29@173/191
WOD#113 5K@7:47min/mi in hot 80deg 24:17@189/196
Barefoot! Compare with wod#67 24:47@185/195 race

Steady 5k with negative split. 8min/8min/7:30min 175/184/191 finishing strong Wth sub7min pace. I wasn't hurting bad ut HR peaked at 198 so finish was near max. I also ran over a mile before and after as warmup/cool down. As planned form was focus. Of course running is easy since I am good at it and had five fingers on forcing a good form.

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