Tuesday, March 2, 2010

#213 3x(95#CleanJerkx15/3-GHD) 24:30@157/172

#213 3x(95#CleanJerkx15/30) 24:30@157/172
splits: 6:49/9:15/8:27
Wod started on shaky ground as my weak wrist had a bit of pain and I was concerned if I should be concerned but it miraculously was fine after first round and I didnt even notice. Clean and Jerk were single rep each (95# compared to one rep PR 125#) and were harder than I thought. My form wasnt the best and I didnt do the squat portion of clean, partly to make sure I do not strain my wrist. Good workout all in all.

#213 3x(95#CleanJerkx15/30) 24:30@157/172

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