Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cant sleep!

Darn...cant sleep. This tapering is going to drive me crazy:) At least I have started writing for my blog again...even though both of my recent posts have been post midnight.

Just read another blog regarding chicago marathon by
http://averagemarathongal.blogspot.com/ Pretty depressing to see how weather can distroy months of training. Looks like weather in nyc is going to be okay. Accuweather has a 15-day forecast at 54/34 sunny. If actual weather is anywhere close to that, we are in for a treat. (interestingly there is snow predicted for the Monday....God knows how anyone can predict precipitation 15 days in advance when chances are the water hasnt even evaporated to make the clouds).

Anyway...Interesting piece of marathon trivia: Bush and Al Gore ran a marathon at the age of 44yrs. Bush at 3:46 (pretty respectable) and Gore at 4:54 (pretty average). Good that I don't hate Bush otherwise I would have had to shoot for 3:45:-).

Another interesting piece of trivia: running 4 hrs in nyc on a good weather day would almost perfectly get you placed at 10000...good target to beat.

Finally, saw the amazing story of http://womenontherun.blogspot.com. This is a group of amazing women up in Ogdensburg NY...almost 400miles from the city...commuting to the city to run 9 races and qualify for 2008 marathon. They are almost done! Few of them will be finishing their 9th this weekend during the Poland 5 miler. How can I complain getting to start-line being walking distance from the park!


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