Friday, October 23, 2009

Its official!

I will be attempting the marathon this year, against my better judgement of course. The theme for this year is to "wake up and run a marathon" i.e. no shoes AND NOT TRAINING. Yep. In last 4 months, I did total 3 runs with total mileage less than a marathon distance. This will be an experiment testing if I can wake up one fine day and run 26.2mi with no usual pampering which precedes the marathon. I know its kindda dumb but it fits the "black box" wod philosophy. I mean if I cant fit marathon into my wods, it will likely to be my last marathon so really, I don't have much of a choice.

Frankly, I expect it to be a train wreck. I am in decent overall shape (thanks to Crossfit) so I am not too concerned if I can run the distance. However, my heel injury is still bothering me a bit and just like last time, the limiting factor is likely to be blisters. There is really no easy way to risk manage the blisters without the training. I will be carrying tapes so perhaps I can tape feet up BEFORE blisters form. I am also hopeful that a slower pace run will somehow will be less prone to blisters.

I plan to stay within 10-11min/mi till half way mark and then see how it feels before slowing down or speeding up. Fortunately I live on upper east side so I can drop out around mile 16-20 if I figure out that finishing will cause some major injury/blister. Other wild card is of course the weather. If its raining then I will have to figure out a better game-plan.

This is exciting and nerve wrecking. Its a familiar feeling similar to my first marathon and first barefoot marathon. While biking to work yesterday through Central Park yesterday, I saw people setting up spectator benches at finishline. I got goose bumps thinking about how cool it will be if I do finish this year. Last three years, DNF wasnt an option and I knew I would finish. I am not sure if I am shooting too high this year round. I just dont see how I can drop out once I make it into the manhattan streets with all the momentum and energy.

BF in NY for 940mi

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southofthecliff said...

Wow. Hope you're wrong about the train wreck thing. Good luck!