Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NYTimes article on barefoot running

I miss the excitement which comes with reading media attention on barefoot running. I have lost track lately but today I found surprisingly supportive articles on nytimes website. Its very cool to see Christopher McDougall on both articles and of course his best selling book. Sometime back I had a blog entry about how good ideas eventually find their way to the right people and then catch on like wild fire. NYtimes and bestselling book are certainly steps in right direction. Despite shifting my focus away from running, I find this quite exciting.

Things are looking up for this weekend's marathon. Rain predictions are gone. It is expected to be sunny and breezy 59 degree day. Cant ask for more if it holds. I have stopped crossfit to let my heel do a speed recovery and I also started eating some heavyduty carbs for change. I hate it but probably for the best.

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