Saturday, October 11, 2008

No running this week and racing strategy for half tomorrow.

What a week! I ran just once this week so far. I have been glued to Bloomberg machine at work watching markets for most of my waking hours and couldn't sneak out for run. Even today, I am just catching up on sleep and don't plan to run despite it being a Saturday...yawn.

Just like last time when I took few days off, new minor aches are popping all over legs after almost a week of no running. How can NOT running cause injuries? There must be a mild "flight or fight pain killer" effect perpetually ON when continuously training hard. It just tells me that continuous strenuous training may take more out of your legs than it makes you believe and unless you taper on regular basis, its just not sustainable.

Good news is that all this break from heavy training should bode well for the Staten Island half marathon tomorrow. I haven't really ran a longish race with fast pace so the race should be fun. Perhaps I should shoot for my half marathon PR 1:52 i.e. 8:30 pace. 

As a side note, since my very first marathon, I have run ALL races with significant negative split. Two potential exceptions include the 1 miler last month which was almost dead even split.  Also the 18mi race the following weekend (the one with two 20milers) was definitely not a negative split but it was training run the day after a 20miler run. I do want to continue running negative split and I may have to risk it tomorrow if I start fast. Last weekend's half marathon had a split of 1:04:30 (9:30mpm) and 55:30min (mpm). All I have to do it run both halfs with splits similar to second half split last week. Here are few racing strategies
* I will start with couple of miles at 8:30mpm and see how heart rate responds. 
* Alternative, I could run first half at 9mpm pace and hope to run second at 8mpm which sounds tough. 
* The third even crazier option is to forget about PR and run to the ferry 8mi to make this a 21mi run just like last weekend. Frankly I am getting tired of running 20milers and would love to run a proper half marathon distance with some speed.

I am pretty sure I will end up doing a combination of first and second option. It also depends on whether any of the aches I feel are real injuries. No point risking an injury three weeks before the marathon.

BF in NY for 673mi

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