Saturday, November 15, 2008

4mi race tomorrow

I had a nice 8mi run on Friday morning in wet conditions. I couldnt help but do a few sprint spoiling any chance of attempting a long run today in the 60K race today. So I will be running the 4mi race tomorrow morning.

The 8mi run was fun since the fall is at peak and the central park loop is coated with lots of leave turning the coarse surface into soft and smooth bed of leaves. It was so nice that I didnt have to jump on to grass I typically do usually. But the wet conditions made it a little scary running fast downhill and it almost felt like skiing down. I would think it would be just as slippery, if not more, in shoes but shoes just dont have the luxury to provide the runners with "scary" feedback till its too late! The run, however, did make the marathon blister areas a bit messy as I still havent taken off old skin. I am still reluctant to peel off old skin even though there new shiny skin has already formed underneath. I am thinking I will just let it scrap off while running. If barefoot running in wet conditions for 8miles doesn't scrap skin off then perhaps I have no business forcing it out either.

Anyway, I am having second thoughts about running tomorrows race at 100% as I think I over-did my sprints yesterday. I will try to upgrade my current "nyrr" official pace of 7:50 (the 7:30 pace race was technically older than 1yr now so doesn't count) and then push harder in secondhalf.

BF in NY for 773mi

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