Saturday, November 1, 2008

Two days before the day after marathon

Tomorrow is the big marathon day. I have been eating whole day today and already added 4pounds since yesterday.

I am also so relaxed that it's almost 11pm and I just googles checklist for marathon while I should be sleeping. HR is healthy 75-80 despiting all the digesting that's going on. May be I will keep the monitor on while sleepng just for fun.

If I am still relaxed tommorrow morning, I can take a nice nap in the bus an the pop open the sleeping bag at staten island and get some more comfy sleep/rest. I am thinking I probably don't need a lot of attention to my shoes (or there of) before the race and sleeping bag will take care of that.

As for the race itself, weather is perfect 45-50degrees. I all be running second wave front coral right behind the elites. The slowest pace group in the coral is 3:40 so I will have to let faster runners go ahead. I am still shooting for 2hr first half.

Also did I mention that Zola Budd is running tomorrow? She is multiple world record holding famous Olympian runner who ran all races barefoot on track. She won't be barefoot tomorrow but looking for her would be an excellent excuse to get out of the sleeping bag tomorrow.

I did a few experimental thing today which I may even regret tomorrow. No pasta today but only my favorite Khao Pahd Supparot (fried rice). Also lots of fruits, carrots, watermelon for water and complex carbs. Also eating extra salt whenever possible to improve water retention by raising salinity. But enough of the scientific training.

I went out today and checked out the first avenue and it already has the fresh crisp blue paint on it. The sidewalks also lined up with barricades. So very exciting. Rain few days back cleaned up the road so it will be nice. Ironically, city fills in all potholes on the route before the. Race which creates fine stone on streets which I will have to look out for.

BF in NY for 724mi

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