Sunday, November 30, 2008

First WOD and a 4mi run in chilly 42degree rain

Running routine has slowed down a lot since the marathon. I ventured a run out in chilly rain at 42degrees.  The run was exact repetition of a similar run about a month back. The first two miles were pretty uncomfortable but then the leg warmed up and it was smooth sailing after that.  I need to find solution to the discomfort for first two miles as it feels pretty dangerous running in such state. On related note, the nice thick soles are degrading quickly. I am not sure if it is the sudden drop in running milage or abrasion in these chilly conditions. If the sole develop cracks that could be a problem. On the bright side, even the thin fresh skin on the blister area is holding up remarkably well so abrasion might be such a bad thing.

I did some strength workouts just before the run and decided to keep the run short. In particular, I did 40 air squats which I am not accustomed to and was hurting in thigh muscles. It was first of, hopefully, series of indoor workouts I plan to introduce as it gets too cold to run outside. This particular workout was part of a, so called, CrossFit, routine. CrossFit is workout routine which does NOT believe in routine. The basic idea is to do variety of strength training routines in tight timeframe so all body muscles are worked out, especially using routines which mimic real-life strength motions such as pullups, weightlifting, jumping etc. Interestingly enough, cross-fit is as opposite of marathon training as it is possible as it purely focuses on strength training. However, its workout do include 400meter sprints. 

Also open ended nature of the workout should make it possible for me to combine them during my runs. For example, on my short 4mi run today, I discovered the pullup bars in Arthur Ross Pinetum section of the part and did one (yes just one) pull up. There are no lights in that section and the whole part is damp with 3inches of muddy water.  It was bit crazy but I had to try at least one. I will have to keep an eye out for other such places in central park I can do CrossFit workouts such as rock/rope climbing, weightlifting, balancing, parallel beams, rings etc.

BF in NY for 791mi
WOD#1,  8PUL/24PSH/40SIT/80SQT

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