Monday, December 1, 2008

No Run today and WOD#2

Still a bit sore in thighs from squats yesterday and a bit tender on sole from abrasion from running. So no running today despite beautiful 50+ degree temperature. I even ventured out in just a t-shirt to pick up food getting funny looks from people. One girl said "its not THAT warm". Somehow, it didn't bother me much after running barefoot for few months now. 

As for WOD#2, I did 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Shoulder Press with 50pounds, with one set a minute (HR peak  105, low 85). Wasn't that hard but we will find out tomorrow if i get sore. Lifting the weight was easy but maintaining balance and keeping the back straight didnt feel right. The main difference between regular shoulder press and dumbbell shoulder press is precisely this issue. Dumbbell SP requires extra work by muscles in back to keep individual dumbbell in balance. So while 50pound is pretty light for SP, given lack of conditioning of delicate back muscles, its probably not such a bad idea to start light. Eventually, I will have to consider moving the weightlifting exercises to the gym.

On barefoot front, tomorrow is predicated to be warmish as well. So I will probably go for a run, preferably in the morning. Technically its a rest day for WOD so probably no other workouts.

BF in NY for 791mi
WOD#2 7x1x50SPin7min

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