Sunday, December 28, 2008

WOD#21 20min 7x(5Thrust/7HPC/10SDLHP)

Finally, an unnamed WOD! The workout also does NOT have pullups. Lucky me. After incredibly heavy Annie yesterday, my shoulder and arms are still heavy and aching but I took the opportunity to catchup with my one-day lag finally by doing the Saturday workout on time. 

I attempted 7 rounds (1min each set) using 2x25#DB for Thrusters/HPC (Hang Power Clean) and the brand new 44# KB for SDLHP (Sumo Deadlift High Pull). The Rxed version asks for 95# so this is barely 50% of Rxed. However, halfway through fourth round while doing thrusters with the two dumbells, I had muscle failure. I quickly did damage control and scaled down to 20# instead to keep going but it was kindda hard after that. The DB version needs these tiny muscles in shoulder to support the weight, especially after I started loosing straight line form. One of them must have gave up. Good lesson though. I need to stick to barbell as much as possible till I strengthen my shoulders. 

The Sumo Deadlift High Pullup was a new exercise for me. It involves holding the KB in front in squat position and then pull it up vertically hard so it makes it all the way up to chin. Its sort of opposite of pumping air into bicycle pump. I bought a 44# KB for this and had to carry it home almost 0.5miles. Funny how 
that can easily qualify as a crossfit workout.

Hang power cleans were not as hard as thruster, probably because I had done them couple of times before. I did start to loose form pretty badly towards the end. In fact, I have no idea if I did HPCs or HCs. Anyway, the wod is over. Tomorrow's wod involves running 400m, situps and back extensions (no pullups!). So that should be easy.

On barefoot front, I bought $2 toe warmers which might come in hany next time I have to run in cold.

BF in NY for 814mi
WOD#21 20min 7x(50# or 20#5Thrusters /50#7HPC/44#10SDLHP)

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