Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WOD#3 (no run!)

I just cant find motivation to get out in cold and dark conditions even though its not that cold. I did some research and found water/snow-proof socks called sealskinz. Apparently, it is designed for outdoor rough activities such as military training/snow boating etc and can handle running in even without shoes. The way I see it, its just a matter of time before I wont be able to keep the barefoot streak any more.

On the bright side, cross training is going great. I did toned down version of WOD#3 timed at 3:07. This version of  "Fran" routine was a 21-15-9 thruster (20pounds) + 7-5-3 pull-ups (assisted). The 20 pounds were easy but 50 would have been too much. I got decent work at out in any case. Average HR was solid 144 with max at 159. The pull-ups were assisted with a initial jump. Original Fran requires 21-15-9 pull-ups which is quite a workout it seems. 

There is a 10K race coming up this weekend. The race is at 8:30am and the low for the day is 27degrees with snow showers so I am absolutely TERRIFIED. I may finally have to suck it up and run this one in vibram (or worse: shoes!)

BF in NY for 791mi
WOD#3 21-15-9THR/7-5-3PUL (3:07)

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