Friday, December 26, 2008

WOD#19 Eva and WOD#20 Angie (almost hour each)

The named wod's are quite something. I attempted "Eva" yesterday on Christmas day and "Angie" today after "Cindy" on Monday. The Rxed Eva involves 5 rounds of (800m sprint + 30x72#kettlebell swing+ 30 pullups). It took me well over 2 hours to get my #%$% together just to get started. I scaled down to 5x(800m + 20x25# DB + 15pullups). In other words, only sprints were as Rxed. Rest was substantially scaled down. Even then it took all the life out of me by the end.

Weather was chilly but good enough and east river walkaway was icy to run on. Fortunately, its almost 400m just to get to the riverfront so I didnt have to risk running too much on icy portions. The sprints were okay but not great. This is partly due to hilly run and partly due to exertion related to rest of the Eva. I ran in Vibram and my toes would freeze every time I would be back from the quick 800m sprint. 
* My running splits were at 8:08 (uphill), 7:00, 7:22, 7:46, 6:44 (downhill)....avg 7:24. It wasn't particularly exhausting effort with HR around 175bpm. I tried to run fast but the rest of WOD sucked life out of motivation and I just wanted to get it over with. 
* Kettlebell swing were by far the easiest of the three routines. I just dont have anything heavier than 25# to do this workout. Also I kept it at 20reps per set instead of 30 because it seemed to strain muscles which were already sore from filthy fifty (which included swings).
* Pullups still continue to haunt me. I did the 15 (3x5) pullups each round by jumping up and then negatives. I didnt push too much since I knew that nextday's wod involved 100 pullups and I wanted to keep some reserves. Total time for the wod was 58:52min which is longest wod to date.
Today's wod was Angie: 100 pullups/pushups/situps/squats. I did everything as Rxed except pullups (no surprise there) except, I broke it down in 6 rounds (15/15/15/15 - 15/15/15/15 - 5/15/15/15 - 5/20/20/20 - 5/20/20/20 - 5/15/15/15)
* I did just 50pullups (kippings pullups). To be fair, I attempted 100 initially but had to revise after 30. Also by 40th pullup, I noticed tiny blister under the right ring finger. I had go finish atleast 50. Blister timing was perfect since, by 40th pullups, I could barely do 2pullups in one go and dropped down to 1 per go. There was no way I could have made it to 100. 
* Pushups turned out to be much harder than I thought. This is partly due to me correcting the form by moving arms back and bending them along the body instead of at an angle. The pushup felt different and more powerful but I was exhausted by 60th pushups. Most of the pushups were in a mini-set of 5. The few sets of 10 I attempted were quite difficult. So strictly speaking pushups were not as Rxed as I had to break it in so many mini-sets instead of 100 in one go (which is just insane).
* Situps were fun. Form was pretty good this time and I was getting pretty sore by last few rounds but manageable. Squats were also the easy. I need to work on form for squats a bit.
Total time 54:34 min, second longest. Each of the 6 rounds took about 10 min.

BF in NY for 814mi
WOD#19 Eva 5x(800m + 20x25# DB + 15pullups) at 58:52min HR (153/184)
WOD#20 Angie 50 pullups, 100 pushups/situps/squats 54:34min HR (131/158)

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