Thursday, December 11, 2008

WOD#9 Nasty girls and no run

Chilly rain keeping me away from running this week. I also have a quick 4miler this Saturday. In the meantime, I continue with my modified WODs. Today's WOD is called Nasty Girls (three rounds of 50squats, 7muscle pull-ups and 10 135pounds hang power clean. I did 3 rounds of 50squats, 7 assisted pull-ups/assisted dips, 10 50pound dumbbell hang power clean. The routine took 12:29min. The squat portion of the wod was same as Rxed which might be a first for me. Average HR at solid 149 and max touched 182bpm in last round. I had a hard time believing that the weights portion will spike HR so much more than the 50 squats. Except for the pull-ups, rest of the routine felt good.'

BF in NY for 797mi and WOD9: 3x(50squats, 7pull/dip, 10x50# hang power clean12:29min, 149/182bpm)

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