Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WOD#17 Cindy! (5rounds) + 800m@6:20

I skipped the rest day to do the Cindy wod yesterday. I kept it pretty intense along the line with more recent WODs in Gym. The workout involved max rounds of 5 pullups/10 pushups/15 squats in 20 minutes. I managed to squeeze in 5 rounds with very good form in pushups and squats though pullups continues to haunt me. I did do 5 pullups in each round though my form deteriorated steadily each round and most pullups were in set of 2 with last few basically jumping negative pullups. I also squeezed in a sprint at the end for 800m pushing HR to 191max (first half 6:40 second half 6:00). Sprint was fun but it interferes with Eva wod coming up which has 5x800m.

It is amazing how heavily the recent wods are skewed toward pullups (15 on Thursday, 20 on Friday, 25 on Monday and 50-150 coming up on Wednesday) and I need to do something about it. Next wod, called Eva, involves 5 rounds of 30 pullups (thats 150 pull ups). I think kipping pullups are legitimate pullups and I plan to learn to do them. At the very least, I might be able to alternate between two and kipping pullups sounds lot more fun if I can manage them. Anyway, after 5x5=25 pullup attempts yesterday, I am in no shape to do Eva and took the rest day today and hence continue to be late by a day (which is fine with me). While the upper body muscles are pretty tight today and aching, I dont see any injury so I should be back in the saddle tomorrow. I just hope Eva is followed by some kind of lower body workout (no more pullups pl!) I will find soon enough.

Except for the form, technically, Cindy workout was as Rxed. Of course, 5 round is nothing compared to 15-20 typically reported on crossfit community but its something. Squats were easy (the marathon training paid off) but push ups were getting harder with each round. I worked really hard to keep the form good by fully lowering the body but I had to take break in last three rounds to do all 10.

On barefoot front, the 4x800 interval training on Sunday in slushy snow turned out to be worse than I had anticipated. The 4 small toes in each feet were semi-numb next day as well and only after 48hours I find them to be about 90% original sensation. No blister or discoloration but still a bit disturbing. I still think its the last one mile home which caused most of the damage. However, there is no way to be sure if I had run that 5th mile in central park on dry road, it would have been the same or it was the stopping and stepping in icy water puddle at stoplight caused the real damage. Depending on answer to this, I have to figure out how I am going to tackle the half marathons in Late Jan, early Feb. (Bzzzzz!) In any case, if I indeed end up keeping up with crossfit wod, I doubt if I will have cycles left to do the halfs but we will see (already signed up!).

BF in NY for 809mi
WOD#17 Cindy 20min=5x(5PULL+10PUSH+15SQAT) + 800m@6:20

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