Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting serious with the WODs

I upgraded my WODs by attempting couple of them in the gym. Since lack is equipment is not really an excuse in gym, the WODs had been brutal. 

WOD #14 involved 5 rounds of 3pullups and all of the 15 pullups were mostly unassisted. I was pretty surprised that I could do pull ups since I was struggling to do ONE in the morning on the door-pullup bar. Also for the first time, a WOD involved running and I had to give it my best shot. Its been 8months since I ran in comfy shoes so it felt weird but I ran 5 rounds of 400 yards at 6:40pace. Piece of cake.

While wod #14 felt heavy, it was nothing compared to wod #15, the filthy fifty. This wod involved 50 reps of various routine starting with box jumps (my favorite) and then pullups (my nightmare). While I am no shape to do the complete routine as Rxed, I tried to break most of the routines and alternate between. Particularly, I would do 5 pullups between some of the routine. The whole thing took over 45minutes. Absolutely brutal. My arms are in pain today. Knees to elbow was also very hard and I lost count but must have done just 20-25 and mostly incomplete. I also did 50burpees with at least 10 break. I couldnt even do 5 burpees in one set by the time I finished. This one is a classic routine for getting heart pumped up and getting whole body strength training. Finally, I havent learnt how to do double under but I did 80 single under instead.

On running front, I am absolutely spent after last night's wod to do the 15K, especially with snow storm yesterday and windchills in teens today. Fortunately (i.e. no more pullups), todays WOD involves 4 rounds of 800meters so I will have to run one way or the other.

WOD #13 3:25 HR119/127 (UI!)
Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps 50#

WOD#14 23min PUL/Sprint/BkExtension HR?
20min 5 rounds of 3pullups + 0.3mi at 6:40pace + 10 back extensions.

WOD #15 FILTHY FIFTIES 47:32 HR154/180

50 (25+25) Box jump, 15 inch box
20 (5+5+5+5) Jumping pull-ups
50 (30+20) Kettlebell swings, 30#
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
20 Knees to elbows
30 (20 + 10) Push press, 25 pounds
50 (10+10+10+10+10) Back extensions
50 (10+10+10+10+10) ball crunchs, 20 pound ball
50 (10 breaks) Burpees
100 (80+20) Single unders

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