Tuesday, December 16, 2008

4mi RACE in vibrams/WOD 9,10 and 11

Three WODs in three days including a 4miler race which work out as a substitute for a 10K WOD run. How convenient!  The race was great just not super fast. I barely managed to squeeze in 8min/mi in Vibrams compared to PR of 7:21 barefoot a month back. It was relatively cold (barely above freezing) and running barefoot was out of question. I ran to and from startline as well making the whole run close to fast 8mi. The run was fine. Toes froze again though it wasnt too bad like last time as I didnt take shoes off at all. The first mile was hard as legs felt really heavy. It may have something to do with 3x50 squats for Nasty girls? But the last mile was perfect at about 7min/mi pace and average HR of 189bpm. It didnt feel too hard a pace despite high HR. It was tempting to take shoes off given a dry surface (at 33degrees) compared to wet surface last weekend (however at warmer 37degrees). Its worth noting that with all the WODs taking life out of me, I had had no running done at all besides races lately. Thats kind of a shame. At least two runs a week are a must to keep up the training.

Other WODs were fun as well. WOD10 involved three rounds of 50 2ft box jumps, which scaled down to 5in box jumps and that was bad enough (btw, I did these barefoot potentially cutting out any spring loading in shoes. The box jumps were hard work out. The three rounds included 21 185 hang power cleans which I scaled down to 10x50pound HPCs (heaviest weights I have) and also 30 (!) pull-ups which I scaled down to highly assisted 15pullups each round. Multiple pull-ups are really a non-starter.

WOD11 was the run (reverse the order between WOD11 and WOD10). WOD 12 seemed simple with 5 rounds of 5 x deadlift of 27pounds which I had to substitute with 5 x (10 x 50pounds). The more fun part was the 5 sets of 10 burpees. I did it as Rxed. This might have been the first Rxed routine for me. It was quite brutal and technically I have been keeping the pushups half elevated some times. I had no idea that small thing like burpee can get my heart pumping. This would be a good warmup routine if needed.

BF in NY for 805mi/overall 983mi

WOD#10 3 x (5in box jump x 50 + 21HPCs x 50 + 15 x A-pullups) 154/171bpm 15:01min
WOD#11 4mi race 8min/mi 179/193bpm vibrams 32:13min
WOD#12 5 x (10 x 50pount deadlifts + 10 burpees) 148/167bpm 11:12min


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Czouch said...

I love your list of "Reasons Not to Run Barefoot." It's a great commentary on the stupidity of wearing shoes, not just for runners, but for everybody.

Keep up the good work, spreading the word about bare feet!