Saturday, December 6, 2008

WOD#5. No run yet

I just did yesterday's wod today morning instead (today is meant to be a rest day). The original wod called for squats and ring (muscle) pull ups at 100-2-80-4-70-6-60-8-50-10. I tones it down to squats and assisted regular pullups at 50-1-40-2-30-3-20-4-10-5 that is about half the effort on squats and nominal effort on pullups while I get in shape to get pullups with right form. The multiple pullup sets were mostly one at a time as well. Total time 9:04min. The modified workout didn't seem too hard so I am still planning on running the 10k tomorrow. I would have thought 150squats will kill my quads. Perhaps they will be sore tomorrow. I was definitely sore after 80squats last week. Also I worked on improving form for the squats by mdking sure that thighs become horizontal before I stand up. I am sure I wasn't doing the squats complete last time. Today I used a box to give me "feedback" when I need to stand up again.

I have really done any running today partly due to relatively new physical load due to these wod and partly due to general work load. I might run 3-4miles today to pick up the race number and to taste running in subzero temperature in vibrams. It would be nice if I can figure out a routine of running in vibram for couple of miles and the move to barefoot running once blood circulation peaks.

BF in NY for 791mi
WOD#5 SQT x PUL 50-1-40-2-30-3-20-4-10-5

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