Thursday, December 4, 2008

WOD#4 (no run)

I am starting to like these indoor workouts though its leaving me a bit spent to venture a run outside. Today's workout included 5 sets of 10 lunge with 10 pounds held above head alternating with 5x10 pounds swings. Quite a workout lasting 10:21 with avg HR at solid 156 and max at 173. The lunges were relatively easy but the lunges are new to me and I can tell that I will be hurting tomorrow. I must say the "functional" workouts are so much more fun than training on machine. There no one single muscles which hurts but whole arms and legs are heavy with dull ache. 

Also I was having trouble keeping balance while weaving though turns while doing lunge in my home. I can barely make 10 from one end to the other. To be fair, the lunge steps were bit short with knee bending at 90degrees in the back. Ideally, the knee would just barely bend while touching the ground and also just barely touch ground before pulling up. I will have to find larger space area next time around. Swings were a lot more fun. I needed some work to keep my form upright but hard to do swings wrong given how simple it is.

BF in NY for 791mi
WOD#4 5x(10step 10pound LNG/10x25pound swing) 10:21/156avg/173max

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