Sunday, December 28, 2008

WOD#22 Michael 30:09 3 x (800m/50BackExt/50situps)

Today's WOD "Michael" sounded easier than it really was. The 50 situps in each round really add up. Also the elevated HR before starting the run in second and third round made the runs pretty hard. 

* My run split paces steadily deteriorated at 6:34, 7:12 and 7:20 even as avg HR increased with each. The last run was close to 188 most of 800m despite the natural break I get while getting out of apartment after situps. 

* On the other hand, situp times steadily improved with last round at 2:27 for 50. US Airforce minimum requirement includes 49 situps in two minutes so 2:27 is at least within respectable range for third round of Michael. I should try the 49 as a standalone one of these days. Marine situp requirement is 35 in a minute. On related topic, pullups requirements are 3-4 with average at 10. Pushups requirement in 2min is at 24min/41avg.

* I have no easy way to do back extensions at home so I just did mini version on a slanted wooden board. It did the job but was way too easy. However, I got a feeling that my back muscles were not 100% after yesterday's weight lifting fiasco so I didnt mind taking it easy. 

BF in NY for 816mi
WOD#22 Michael 30:09 3 x (800m/50BackExt/50situps)

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