Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wod#16 4x800@3:24

The wod for saturday was 4x800m interval training. My first wod which is as Rxed with respectable perfomance! (this is a BIG deal)

After the brutal filthy fifty on Friday, I had to take a day break just to get out of bed, especially with snow storm out there. I bailed out on the 15k race which was converted into fun race anyway. But it wasn't the snow but the crossfit workout which made me bail out.

Anyway, I did the workout today instead as temperature reached above freezing and ice started melting giving some grip. Of course (? See last paragraph?) barefoot running was out of question but I ran in vibrams. Vibrams are not waterproof at all and my feet were wet within a minute into the 50minute workout. It was also pretty slippery since the vibrams are smooth at the bottom. So getting to the park, especially walkways in the park was pretty tricky. Even walk back was tough as my feet turned into almost like block of ice. But more on this later.

The actual workout was mostly uneventful. I ran 3:16, 3:29, 3:31, 3:20 (average 3:24) with hrs at 186, 183 184, 187. First and last lap were quite fast. There no way to be sure but cold wet conditions didn't affect the fast runs much. I think the bigger limiting factor was lack of mental training to "push through" anarobic exertion. Marathon training has hardcoded these slow-down reflexes. Perhaps i should sneak in a few sprints after regular wod I do in gym just till I touch HR 200.

While I am lagging by a day, next workout is 20min max rounds of 5 pullups(ouch!), 10 pushups and 15 squats. I can sneak in a sprint. I thinking of doing this "cindy" workout tommorow and can't wait.

Final passing comment on barefoot aspect. While the vibrams protect from unnecessary pricking into the numb soles, they are absolutely no protection to cold whatsoever in wet cold conditions. If anything the whole foot is covered by cold wet surface exacerbating the cooling. I hope the situation is different in cold and dry conditions. I don't see myself doing anything more run a few miles in wet conditions at freezing conditions and much less, if any, at below freezing wet conditions. I am assuming that barefoot will be worse run vibrams but I won't know till I try. Perhaps a good balance might be alternating. To be continued on this topic.

In the mean time, I was fully aware of conditions of my feet today and they never really went numb till my way back. I had to wait at stop lights a lot and step in deep slushy water both contributing to very quick chilling of feet. By the time I got home, I had lost more than 75% sensations in sole. I have smartened up now and know NOT to take warm shower right away and warmed up the feet with hand and air heater till I started getting tingling sensation. Then I took a shower moving from lukewarm to hotish water. Even 4hours later I can feel tinglish in left feet fingers. But unlike the 10k race couple of weeks back when I had a tiny amount of skin damage, nothing of the sort today. I think the trick is to keep the workout within an hour. I need to find a warm pitstop in central park.

BF in NY for 809mi

WOD#16 4x800m@6:48 interval (1min break) AvgHR185/max201

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