Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WOD# 24 Fight Gone Bad! (or almost bad)

Today's WOD was the infamous "fight gone bad" with 3 rounds of 1minute rounds of Wall Ball (15# no throw), Sumo DeadLift high Pull (45#) , Boxjump (15inch?) , Push press (25#?), Row (calory) and 1min rest. My watch forces a 10sec break between each set which is technically not allowed but was godsent just to get set up. I did 25-26-15-15-13...20-15-15-15-13...15-15-20-16-13.

Quite a workout despite the scale down and extra 10sec break. I forgot my HR this time but wish I could see how high the HR stayed the whole time. I could feel it elevated the whole time. Amazing howmuch workout I got in mare 20minutes.

BF in NY for 816mi
WOD#24 Fight Gone Bad approx 15 each (score 245 scaled)

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