Monday, December 8, 2008

WOD#6 and yes run (10K race in vibrams...mostly)

I ran the 10K race today at somewhere between 53-54min (PR 52:08) incl a 2min+ standing break (more later). It was just above freezing temperature with wet and icy cold surface temperature. I was almost frozen by the time I biked to the startline. I was late, as usual. I was so late that they had already removed the mats and I couldnt time my stop watch properly at right startline. In fact, I ran from my bike to start and also back so it was more like 6.35mi race for me in 54:43min. 

Even though I raced in Vibrams most of the race, I took them off at the 3mi mark till Columbus circle (3.6mi). The surface was too cold and I could tell that I could not run like that all the way to finish-line. This is by far the coldest I have run barefoot. It felt nice to be able to wiggle my toes to warm them up unlike in shoes but the fingers do get cold pretty fast. I was having trouble putting vibrams back on when they got cold. This affair took solid 2min of standstill at 3.6mi mark. Then I took my shoes off again at 6mi mark to finish really strong barefoot. All in all, despite the freezing conditions and wet cold surface, I ran the race at PR pace if adjusted for 2min standstill. It wasnt even a hard effort with avg HR at 175. I didnt shoot for PR since I was too late to get make it to startline mat and would not be getting "net chip timing". Oh well. I got another 4mi race next week to make up for it. 

The freezing temperatures were not too bad for training barefoot but definitely slowed me down. If nothing else, the vibram on and off business is a bit time consuming for racing purposes. Also 3mi might have been a bit early. The second barefoot run past 6mi was very nice and was no problem at all. The feet were quite warmed up by then. Also I had no trouble putting vibrams back on right after finishline. However, I had to fix my bike and them ride into the wind on windy day and that again froze me and my toes in particular. Biking seems so much worse than even barefoot running as far as freezing extremities are concerned. Next time if I will just jog to the startline. (I would have done that today if I wasnt late).

Now for the fun part. The wod on Saturday doing 150squats etc didnt go unnoticed in the race but it just made me a bit jumpy (quite literally). Every few minutes, I would get sick of running same pace and would jump or sprint a bit. The WOD was pretty heavy and I expected it to affect my race but to be perfectly honest, it didnt affect the race, especially since I didnt push hard in the race. However, my legs are quite sore today and they will get worse tomorrow. Moreover, I did today's WOD as well. Fortunately, the wod#6 was all upper body so sore legs didnt make a difference. WOD#6 was originally doing as many sets of 15pullups/ringpushups/BackExtension/GHsitups in 20min. I lightened the routine to 5 assisted pullups/plain pushups/25degree back extension/regular full situps. I did 8 rounds (8x5=40count each). Pullups continue to be hardest but I tried to do as many pure negatives as possible. Also 5x8 are quite a few assisted pullups. Also, I invented simple way to do back extension. I put one of the hexa-dumbbell and put wooden plank on it to create bit of space to do mini-back extension. I think it would help if I get a heavy ball to do some of these exercises.

BF in NY for 797mi

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