Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back in the saddle 8mi@10:45

After the painful absteinence from running for 5months and equally painful 5hour marathon, the "get up and run marathon" experiment is officially over. Now I can get back into the routine of running whenever and however long I want.

I run 8 miles on wet surface today at 10:45min/mi including couple of walking breaks. It was kind of coarse for me as I haven't been in top barefoot conditions but the run was fun. I still have remenants of blister on left heel ironically making it more susceptible to deeper poking. I had two painful encounters. Also i have lost ability to run on gravel road with actual gravel. Ouch. But overall it was a blast.

Barefoot in NY for 974mi


John Durant said...

Great blog. I'm also a barefoot runner (VFF for now) and have done some CrossFit. Great stuff.

Here's a meetup group for barefoot runners -- would love to have you join. Just had our first run tonight.



NYC marathon said...

Great. As a matter of fact, I did join the group today and hope to make it to one of the group runs.