Sunday, November 1, 2009

Last minute thoughts

Few final thoughts before I sign off the the day and go to sleep.

After being very nervous nellie for couple of days, I feel surprisingly calm today. I have decided to take speed out of equation. There is no room for speed when it comes to running marathon barefoot and with no training and good chance of getting bad blisters by mile 20.

I just don't know what I am going to do to minimize chances of DNF due to blisters. If I can make it through the horror show i suffered last year between mile 18 and 22mi, I will be fine. The gameplan is to somehow make to mile18 fresh so I am not tempted to step off the course to my house which is right on the course. If it's bad by mile 18, take a pit stop at home and perhaps put on dressing and/or vibrams so I can get back on the course.

Other interesting observation has been that the carboloading caused headache for me two years in row. This is kindda interesting. I decided to do carboloading anyways just to be safe as I am going to need those gyclogen reserves. Ironically despite no running this year, i have less less body fat this year than any other marathon year! Generally thats a good news but not for marathon. The only long run I had done this season was without carbo loading and I had hit wall at mile 8, which won't even get me out of Brooklyn!

Finally, it was raining today and the roads are wet. Weather prections call for 100%cloud cover and some rain till 7am. The it clears and gets to 60 degrees and partly claudy. Hopefully the roads will be dry without puddles. Wet conditions will ge hard for bluster situation.

At the last minute I found my Armstrong wrist band which fits perfectly for my ankle D-tag holding. Better than my original plan to use pony tail rubber band...

Yawn. Ciao.
BF in NY for 940mi.

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