Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back into training

After the race last weekend, this week has been very fruitful in training. Mile count for the week is about 21mi with a 5mi race tomorrow still to go.  After a recovery from the ankle sprain, this week I got a tiny splinter. Just like the sprain, the I am not sure if the splinter happened during the run as I didn't feel anything during the run at all. But due to the splinter and related opening, I thought it was prudent to stick to "vibram fivefinger" for few runs. So I did a 5mi training run and a 10.5mi today in vibram as well. Ironically I am now terrified to running in vibram because I get blisters in them due to the tight fit. Running barefoot seems to much free of head ache. 
Today's run was interesting for couple of reasons. It was my first group run with the flyers which was fun. Secondly the run had a theme of arches in bridges in central park and I visited parts of central parks which I didn't even know existed. The flyers are fun group and were asking me a lot of questions about the vibram shoes. It was also a lot of fun running in vibrams on some of the very uneven trails in central park. 

Finally, I have another 5miler coming up tomorrow. And just like last week, tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day. But I feel much better running the race tomorrow. I am a bit sore from the 10.5mi run today which was by far the longest (albeit with a lot of breaks) run barefoot to date. So I will be taking it easy tomorrow.

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