Monday, June 23, 2008

Rest day after a long barefoot running week

Last week was pretty productive with about 30mi of running including a 11miler fun run and a 5mi race. The sprained ankle did show some life during both these runs so its best to give it a rest for a day.

But truthfully, I could not keep myself inside today. The legs really feel strong despite all this beating last week. The ground was cooling off from a hot day due to a quick shower and I was curious how it would feel running on steamy clean sidewalks and running path. Something I would almost wont even think about with shoes on. I am dying to run in a real rain ever since I had the race last week on wet surface. It just adds so much more fun to the run. There is 30% chance of rain at 6am tomorrow morning so I will keep my fingers crossed.

Oh, I also read first half of the book barefoot hiker yesterday. Its a fun to read a hiker's perspective on the barefoot experiment. I especially liked the phony straps on feet which fool people's peripheral vision into believing that you are wearing flip-flops. I should try it sometime. Of course running in flip-flops would be frowned up on as well which is a different story.

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