Friday, September 19, 2008

First run chilly weather didn't go so well

I did a slow 5mi run at 6 in the morning today and it was chilly at 55 degrees. I never thought 55 would feel chilly. That's supposed to be perfect weather. But running barefoot on cold hard and coarse roads didn't feel too good. It's not so much that it was painful but I couldn't feel the surface as well with cold feet and it just didn't feel right. Perhaps I will get used to it with time. It did make me wonder about taking a chance on not training at all for the marathon in shoes if I need to run NYC in shoes.

I have the 1mi race tomorrow and it could get chilly again. I will try to warm up a bit before with few miles running. Also I felt faint pain in knee so will have to test the water before running the race.

BF in NY for 544mi

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