Thursday, September 18, 2008

No running this or not

Most of my time awake is spent working or watching news all of this week as wall street is hit head on by a Tsunami. time to run. I had to get to work at 5am couple of days and I watched runners running that early in central park as I biked through and got jealous. I was also a bit amazed to see so many runners running so early when its still dark. I should try it one of these days. I bet once the day gets shorter, I will get plenty of chances. Its also getting noticably chilly when I was cruising on bike early in the morning. I havent tested water (snow?) for barefoot running in cold so I am not sure how long I can continue running barefoot till it gets too cold. There is always a chance that it will be too cold or snowy wet during marathon and I will be forced to run in shoes. I have no idea how I will do that since I will die of blisters if I run in shoes or even vibram before reaching finishline.

Anyway, the wallstreet crisis came at perfect time, namely after my 22.5mi run and 44mi week and before the premium 1miler race of the season. 5-days of rest should (hopefully) help me recover enough to take a chance on the miler. I think I will just race it all out.

BF in NY for 539mi

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