Saturday, September 27, 2008

Palisade 20mi run...600mi mark barefoot

I had a fun long run today with the flyers mtp (marathon training program). I was planning to run 15mi since the weather forecast was rainy and I didn't want to get stuck in rain barefoot middle of nowhere. But the rain held off pretty well and the palisades route was just too pretty not to do the whole 20mi run.

The run started on Manhattan side of GWB into New Jersey. Yes, this is the first time I ran barefoot outside State of New York. Technically, as barefootinNY, today's run shouldn't count:-). I did notice that fellow people in the park were more chatty than anywhere in NYC. It's really is like being in a different country once you step outside the island. The run turned around at the main park office almost exactly 10mi from start. It also happens to be on top of a very long hill:)

Interestingly enough, the motorway on which we ran is not the only running route along the river. The road is somewhat elevated from the river with big rolling hills. There also an actual trail along the river parallel to this road which, I assume, is all flat. I am thinking that perhaps I will try out that trail once fall colors hit palisades.

Anyway, the run was slow but nice. It was a bit foggy, especially on higher elevations. There were plenty of waterfalls along the route which is always pleasant. It was very good to have some company on the run and to see familiar runners. The turnout wasn't too shabby considering the rainy forecast. The road seems to be brand new so very nice to run barefoot on despite being wet. I did put on Vibram five fingers for about 3miles when footing was uneven and I needed a break from barefoot running.

I also managed to make it to 600mi mark in total with this run. The 20mi runs, though very slow, are getting easier. I didn't drink too much Gatorade or take GU etc but definitely did not bonk or was not "feeling it" even after finishing the run. As of evening I am fine. I am even considering running 8-12mi tomorrow. 10mi will take me to the weekly mileage PR of 44mi.

Next two weekends are two half marathons so not sure which one I an going to do at race effort. I have been doing a lot of long but painfully slow runs. I could afford to do run speed workouts and fastish long races I guess. As I had mentioned in my note, breaking a shod PR now gives me ticket to take a few chances before the nyc marathon tapering which will start in just couple of weeks.

BF in NY for 601mi


Grammar Nazi said...

Love your blog, but it's "shod," not "shodded." Thanks.

BarefootinNY said...

Thanks for the note Grammar Nazi. Just so you know, "Shodded" is misimperfectly antiunacceptable in Bushism (

I corrected all the blogs...