Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TWO 20milers in one weekend! Barefoot!!!

I finished last blog with a note that it's time to start taking chances. I surprised myself by finishing the 18miler race in central park this Sunday. The commute added another 3mi. 

21mi today came on top of 20mi run on palisades on Saturday. Both runs were slow but the race was especially slow since I made it a point to walk cat-hill and Harlem hill at least partially. This worked great and the whole run was fairly pleasant. In fact, I had enough energy to speed up a bit in last three miles and finish with a solid sub-7mpm pace quarter mile. 

Again I am still amazed how good the run felt. In fact it's possible that today's run felt easier than very hilly run in palisades. With these two 20mi runs my weekly mileage smashed my weekly mileage PR of 44mi to solid 55mi. I don't see any injuries coming either.

On barefoot front, the conditions were pretty bad. The 
central park loop was wet and coarse with sand and debris all over which was annoying at times. It probably didn't help that the soles were still recovering from similar conditions. However, the central park loop has few portions of grass lawn giving brief respite from barefoot running on the road.

Despite two back-to-back 20milers, I havent noticed ANY DOMS on Monday or Tuesday. In fact, I ran another 8mi barefoot early in the morning and it was great. It was an easy run but I squeezed in a few stretches of fast bursts. It feels pretty good to run injury free. I did walk up the hills since I was experimenting with new barefoot walking technic. The technic essentially does opposite of barefoot running by keeping the legs stiff and locked at knees and roll the foot while walking. This is not right form for running but walking uphill like that forces muscles in soles to do extra work to push body up the slope and it feels like a strength workout. 

All in all the run was easy run. I averaged the HR at 139bpm/11:22mpm which is pretty low for running. This way I can keep my legs fresh for the half marathon Saturday morning. I don't know what schedule do I have to keep up to do 55mi. I think I will end up running 40-45mi this week.

BF in NY for 630mi

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