Sunday, March 1, 2009

5K 24:47@185/195 in Nike Free 5.0 + Joshie

I finally reverted back to shoes for the race today ( frees which are more like half shoes). Its the first time I had run any distance in shoes outside since blazing hot runs in June 08, ironically because it was too cold. It was snowing lightly with wet and chilly road conditions and didnt want to test my luck after the tingly toes I had gotten in my last run in slushy cold surface back in Dec.

Also part of the reason was that I haven't run barefoot lately much and really wanted to run the 5K fast. The 5K turned out to be pretty crowded and I could run my best and had to be content with sub-25min run. The course was also very hilly which I wasn't really prepared for. In retrospect, shoes definitely slowed me down a bit. Something to do with less spring action and less efficiency. I could feel the lack of spring action when I tried to push forward. Its like trying to run faster in sand. Here is a video of a girl running in shoes vs socks side by side without any coaching. Interesting gait analysis worth checking out.

Anyway, March is now here and I should have plenty of opportunities now to making good time in races barefoot. I am also falling behind on wods so I decided to count the 5K as a substitute for a 7rounds of 400m (with hip extensions in between). I may try to make up the hip extensions (21-18-15-12-9-6-3) later in Gym as I cant do them well at home. The other two wods lined are also pretty interesting, including another famous girl wod "Helen". On related topic, the rings are here installed on my bathroom door teasing me everytime I walk around the house. Still cant hold still on rings. Longest I could do was about 5sec with very bad form (bend forward, with wrist twisted inside).

WOD#66 Joshie 3 x (L+R) x (25#DBsnatchx21 + 11L-Pullups) 40:38@146/176
The WOD worth talking about is Joshie (hero workout) I did on Friday. Joshie looked insanely tough so I had been postponing it for a while and also I scaled down big time. Original wod called for three rounds of 21 righthand DB snatch@40# + 21 L-pullup and repeat for left hand. Thats total of 126 snatchs and L-pullups. Since I had never done snatchs, I scaled weight down to 25# (which was probably a bit too light). Also since L-pullups are strict pullups (no kippings), 6x21=126 were too many so I did 6x11=66. Also the L part was not really strictly L but atleast I tried my best.

Either I scaled down too much (which sounds unlikely) or the rest day made a big difference because the workout was not as hard as I was expecting. Also I realized in the last round that I was not doing the snatch properly as I was doing partly push. The trick is to pull the weight off the ground with explosive leg strength. When I corrected this form, I easily did all 21 reps at 25# without any break and it didnt even feel that hard, Excellent full body workout really.

BF in NY for 836mi
WOD#66 Joshie 3 x (L+R) x (25#DBsnatchx21 + 11L-Pullups) 40:38@146/176
WOD#67 5K sub(7rounds of 400m/84 HipExt) 24:51@185/195

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