Sunday, April 1, 2007

10K race; 8'43''pace nice little RACE.

Distance: 6.2 Miles, 10.0 Kilometers

Date/Time: April 1, 2007, 9:30 am

Sponsor: NYRR -->

Location: Central Park, NYC

Weather: 45 Deg. 60% Hum. Wind 5 Mph
WARNING: the graph in not calibrated properly. The pace in too aggressive by 1min20sec /mile!
Actual pace:8'43''/mi

Perfect weather...the race couldnt have been better. The course was same as my usual training CP full loop. As usual, it took me 2 full miles to settle into steady pace. I was hurting a bit from Thrusday training run before the race. The race went fine but I will keep an eye on recovery. The finish line had nice Scottish bagpiper band playing. Nice t-shirt too which should show up on my finishline pic if I get one.

Anyway 2 down 7 to go for the year. The big one is coming two weeks from now...The brooklyn 1/2M. That was the only race longer than today's 10K race which I have run faster than today's racfe. Its the fastest race with best weather. I just havent trained for long distances....this is a problem.

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