Sunday, April 22, 2007

4mi RACE

This was second race of the season for me after running the HM last week. Probably not a good idea but I didnt really push hard during HM so I felt okay before the race. The weather was perfect (in fact a bit too hot at 70+degrees!). I started out a bit too fast and ran out of gas at mile 3. I felt a bit of cramps in right leg. Interestingly enough, I had felt mini cramp last week too though in the left leg and that too 10 miles into the race. In any case, I have to start training now and need to improve food balance to avoid any serious cramp problems in coming hot season.
Few more stats:
Avg HR: 184
Max HR: 196 at very finish.
Avg pace excl walking: approx 8:30
Avg pace total: 8:56
Time TO STARTLINE! = 12:27min
Distance: 4.0 Miles, 6.4 Kilometers
Date/Time: April 22, 2007, 10:00 am
Sponsor: adidas -->Location: Central Park,
NYC Weather: 67 deg, 27% hum., wind calm
Its a wake up call that I had done similar race last yearat 7:29 (56% compared to 47% today)

Another interesting development: I just bought nike free 5.0 at Niketown for 85 bucks. I am totally sold on the concept of running barefoot to improve susceptibility to foot pains and even deterioration into worse injuries. I cant wait to start training in them. I hope I dont over do it. I will try to post couple of pics.

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