Friday, April 13, 2007

मराठी ब्लोग!!!

मज़्या ब्लोग मधे शुभेच्छा।

उदया मी २१ किलोमीटर धवान्याची रेस करणार अहे। ब्रूकलिन मराथोने

Welcome to my blog. Tomorrow, I will be running 21Km race. Brooklyn Marathon.

Woo hoo. Found this head-ache free easy too to post blog in my native language of Marathi. It is similar to Hindi as far as typing is concerned.
This is great but it would be even nicer if I can send a picture from cellphone directly to my blog.

Anyway, I got lucky and managed to get the replacement for my Heart rate monitor just in time for the HM tomorrow. With some like I should be able to post my HM graph with heartrate as well as speed tomorrow.

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