Tuesday, April 10, 2007

6mi 60min Nike Group Run

Today, I tried the Nike group run at 57th st Niketown. The group is surprisingly large. I wonder if that is because we are first weeks of spring. Anyway the run was fun though, the long run group thinned out pretty fast. I ran as 10mph and got to a slow start as usual. The run was really 5.72mi and not 6mi since it does not include the northern loop of CP.
Anyway, the highlight was the post training socalizing and refreshement. Sounds like a good incentive to show up and finish the training. On downside, the whole affair takes a lot of time.
Changing in work gym>commute>warmups>training>refreshments>commute back>shower>go back home took 3 hours! NOT acceptable. Need to speedup this logistics.
Also I have signed up for me favorite HM...Brooklyn Half this Saturday. I am a bit concerned about lack of training, weight at 140 and the sudden 6mi training run today. I should probably refrain from running till the race now...No thursday training.
On unrelated note, I also singed up for JPM corporate challenge but its a while before the race.
Finally, as the graph above shows, the footpod worked reasonably well today, unlike the race on April 1st...was it playing joke on me:) I think the trick is to tie the pod through all 3 lace loops. 2 loops are not enough and pot shifts around.

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