Friday, February 2, 2007

4mi/40mi TM

Thursday 1st: Easy 4mi run at 10mph with few minutes at 6.5mph and 5.5mph on the forth mile. Bumped into BK in work gym. Also discovered the trick to carry a bottle to the gym. Amazing how much water I can guzzle down. I drank 20 oz half an hour before the run and managed to gulp another 20 oz bottle during 4 mi run. Another full glass after coming home should add up to a lot of water in 4 hours.

I was bit concerned about overdoing on Wednesday considering the race coming up. But the legs felt fine through the 4 miles. I will probably take a 2 day break Friday/Saturday just in case but I suspect I will be tempted to steal a quick run on Saturday. Let see...

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