Tuesday, February 20, 2007

6mi+ 55:40min speed TM & 5min stairs

6mi+ 55:40min speed TM & 5min stairs. Forgot the heart rate monitor again which sucks because today's workout was really heavy. I am sure the last 2 miles were close to 190bpm. Workout started with a quick biking routine following the last time's observation that I may not be warming up enough. First mile was 6/0. 5 6. 5/.25 7/.25. After this I steped out to watch and be the official recordkeeper for ken's rowing challenge. Ilias made it to 303 in a min but did not even come close to ken's 333. Geee I should try this sometime. I think I used do 250 as my warmup. Maybe I can crack 300 with some effort. Anyway. I tried some very heavy stairs (10 to 13 level) and I was hurting after just 5 minutes. That's just pathetic. But back to TM.After about a mile at 6mph I ramped up to 6. 5mph(9:13min per mile) and kept at it for 4 miles. This was TOUGH!!! I don't understand since I just ran a weak 4miles race at 8:43pace without effort, not to mention PR at formidable 7:29! Also just like last few times first half was worse than second half but its all relative.Anyway looks like I am going to need a lot of speed training to get my short race times up. May be its the heat and dehydration in gym. 2 full bottles of waters were barely got me through 5miles. Or may be it was the stair training. i wish I had the hrm graph to diagnose.

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